Installing Vinyl Livery


Use the following guide to install your Druck number plates and numbers:

Druck number plates are constructed from durable, high-quality 3M Controltac™ vinyl that is digitally printed for vibrant & easily visible colors. 

The clean matte finish can be cleaned with any car wash solution or soap, and can even be polished and/or waxed to remove rubber marks. The durable finish means you can keep your number plates on for as long as you like. Keep them on to personalize your car on the street, and be ready to go for the next track weekend.

Installation is easy and can be completed in minutes. Use a squeegee or card stock (a credit card works) for best results.

Druck number plate 2-or 3-pack kits ship with die-cut 7.5”-10.5" (depending on design) vinyl numbers that are easily installed straightly using alignment marks printed right on the plate. Note that round “meatball” number plates are designed to be used with single-digit numbers only.

For best results, apply plates when the air and vehicle surface are both above 60°F (16°C).

Step 1: Preparation

Ensure that the panel of your vehicle where you'll be applying your number plates is clean and free of dirt and debris. Use a quick detail spray or waterless wash (without wax content) to make sure the surface underneath your number plate is clean.

Step 2: Positioning 

Position the plate where you would ultimately like it, and tape it to the panel with masking or painter's tape. Step back and check your positioning. Once you are happy, mark the top and bottom edges of the plate with more tape. This will serve as a visual alignment aid to help you get the plate exactly where you'd like it.

Step 2: Remove Paper Backing

Peel the paper backing from behind the plate and set aside, but keep the transparent top layer of paper attached at this time.

Step 3: Laying it Down

Tack a small top portion of the plate (or corner) to the panel with light pressure, and ensure its aligned with your tape marks. Conversely, you can lightly tack the very center "spine" of the plate and work outward. Use your squeegee or card to evenly apply the vinyl. Work in small sections, frequently checking your work. If you get a bubble, carefully pull up the section you just placed, and slowly re-apply. If helpful, peel back the top layer of transparent paper as you work to check for air bubbles. Note: once applied with firm pressure, plates cannot be pulled up and re-applied.

For panels with complex ridges or curved edges, applying a low heat with a hair dryer while applying pressure with a squeegee can help the plate conform more easily. 

Step 4: Removal

Removal is simple–peel up a corner and pull. The 4mil thin, low tack vinyl & adhesive won’t leave residue or damage your vehicles finish.

Note: Numbers and number plates are designed for one installation only. Once applied with firm pressure, plates cannot be pulled up and re-applied.